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Heralding the start of the new millennium and together with the internet boom, EON was launched to make buying stuff online easy. But since then, EON users discovered a bunch of ways to use their EON in their digital life. These guys were on the front line of discovering new ways to earn and spend when they linked their EON account to PayPal. They've had the cashless experience when they used EON to pay at stores, and they were among the first to explore what technology made possible beyond traditional banking!

EON is, for the most part, not what it is by design but it is what it is because of its community, its users, who co-created EON for the Digital Me.

And this is only the beginning.

“The more we stepped back and gave up EON to the community, the more EON grew and moved forward”

Paolo Baltao

EON's Head Advocate

Be a digital pioneer.

If you want to improve EON, improve it. If you want more people to experience EON, spread the word! Lead the way to make banking more delightful.

"I wish EON would allow accountholders to transfer money online to other non-Unionbank accounts."

Meliza Santos
Online Freelancer

Send your suggestions and be part of the EON evolution!

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Social Media Specialist

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Virtual Assistant

Jaymar Somosot

System Administrator

Hannah To

Dash&Donna Owner

Nazarina Jose

Graphic Designer

JA Espino

Freelance Architect

Francis Golez

Freelance Engineer

Jomelle Lastrilla

Online Freelancer

Richard Baluyot

UBER operator

Karl Aguilar

Online Freelancer

Josephine Bustamante

Online Blogger

Nolan Lazaro


Michael Laron

Online IT Freelancer

Mikka Lagrimas

Online Freelancer

Dine Bracoma

Online Entrepreneur

Cami Rivera

Online Entrepreneur