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The Digital MEs use technology to bend time and space like magic! They ain't mutants like the X-Men but they pretty much draw superpowers from technology like Iron Man. Not to beat the "bad" guys but to be the "better" guy - living life smarter and bolder.

As far as superpowers go, EON is up there with the best of them. EON harnesses technology to give the Digital MEs that extra boost to put them ahead of the game.

Here are Digital MEs who are totally ready to rock it out with EON!

E-Gig Economy

Online freelancing has provided a way for enterprising workers to thrive outside the confines of an office. They have defied convention, and continue to do so! Not limiting themselves to just one client at a time, they excel at juggling tasks. With no other boss but themselves, their earnings are only limited by their own ambition.

Always on the lookout for the most rewarding projects and be the first to bid, these e-gig economy experts need everything to be in synch with ther lifestyle, and EON happily obliges.

And EON is the perfect fit for startups, too!


Hobbyists at heart, these online entrepreneurs are living the dream of genuinely enjoying sharing their passions while running their own business. But it's not without its challenges. They wear the hats of CEO, salesman, operations manager, administrator, and so many more all at once!

Growing the business requires these hob-business founders not only to pour their heart into it, but also to be on their toes 24/7 - ready to pounce on deals and opportunities as they pop up anywhere in the world! No worries, count EON in as their partner.