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How to Apply for a Quick
Loan with EON

Ilagay ang Invite Code


Ilagay ang Invite Code

I-input ang invite code na iyong natanggap via SMS para simulan ang iyong loan application

I-validate ang iyong information


I-validate ang iyong information

I-review ang information, kumpletuhin ang detalye na hinihingi ng form at magpatuloy sa iyong loan application

I-submit ang Loan Application


I-submit ang Loan Application

Ang loan application ay sasailalim sa isang review process. Ito ay magrereflect sa iyong account kapag naaprubahan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I avail of more than one (1) loan?

Each unique invite code for a pre-qualified loan can only be used ONCE during a specific promo period. If you are interested in taking another loan, you may wait for an SMS and email informing you of your eligibility for the next period.

How do I apply for a loan?

It’s a simple process that will take no more than 10 minutes. AVAIL VIA EON QUICK LOANS WEBSITE Access the link provided on the notification sms or email. Input the correct invite code. 1. You, the borrower, will access the application page: loan amounts, rates and processing fee, Terms and Conditions, Automatic Debit Arrangement, and Disclosure Statement. 2. After agreeing to all the terms and conditions and clicking submit, net loan proceeds will be credited to your account in seconds. 3. You will then receive SMS and Email notifications that your loan proceeds have been credited to your account, along with the attached Application Form, Promissory Note, and Amortization Schedule.

How will I know I’m pre-qualified?

Pre-qualified customers will receive an SMS and/or email notification. This will include a unique invite code which you will use to apply for the loan.

I have received an invite code. Until when is my invite code valid?

The validity of the invite code is indicated in the SMS/email you received but this may also change from time to time without prior notice.

What is Quick Loans?

Quick Loans is a fully digital loan program for EON Cyber Account holders. Customers that are approved get their cash in their account within 60 seconds.

Who can avail?

Qualified EON deposit account holders.

Why didn’t I qualify? I didn’t receive an invite code.

It could be for several reasons since we use different filters in our pre-qualification criteria. We run our checks regularly - so there’s a possibility that you may be qualified in the future.

I'm qualified! How much can I borrow?

Your maximum loan amount will depend on your credit score. This amount will be shared to you in the initial SMS or email message or will be displayed during the application process on the EON Quick Loans website. For EON Quick Loans in general, the loanable amounts can range from the following: First Time Borrower - P3,000.00 Repeat Borrower – P5,000.00

Is there a processing fee? How much is it?

Processing fee will be based on availed loan amount. Php 3,000 & Php 5,000 = P250 *Shall be collected upfront prior to release of loan proceeds

What are the terms for borrowing?

Loans can be availed in 1 month term only.

When is the due date for my payments?

You don't have to worry about when to pay. Payments are automatically debited from your deposit account on your due date. You may also pay using our other payment channels.

Are there other ways for me to make my payments?

Here are the ways that you can make payments for your EON Quick Loan by UnionBank 1. Free EON payment options a. Leave money in your EON Cyber account for auto-debiting and your payment will be automatically collected on your due date. Fast and convenient! b. Pay over-the-counter at any UnionBank branch nationwide. c. Pay through the UB Online app or website. i. Go to “Pay Bills” and choose UBP Quick Loans from the biller’s list ii. Input your name and loan account number iii. Input payment amount iv. Select the current/savings account that will be debited for the payment v. Double-check the payment details and confirm payment vi. Input the OTP that was generated by your UB Online app or sent to your mobile number and tap/click submit 2. Pay through your other bank accounts or e-wallets via UPAY. a. Instapay (?15.00 service fee) b. Pesonet (?25.00 service fee) c. Gcash (coming soon) d. GrabPay (coming soon) 3. Pay with UnionBank’s payment partners (?15.00 service fee charged by the payment partner). a. Pay over-the-counter via ECPay in any of the 9,000+ partner outlets nationwide, including 7-Eleven branches and various pawnshops. i. You may search for the nearest ECPay partner here: http://www.ecpay.com.ph/partner-outlet-finder/ b. Pay with GCash or Paymaya. i. Open the app ii. Go to “Pay Bills” then “Loans” iii. Select UnionBank Quick Loans from the billers list iv. Input your loan account number, amount to pay, and name c. REMINDER: Your loan account number can be found on your loan application form which was sent to your registered e-mail address. d. REMINDER: Payments made on Fridays, weekends, and holidays will be applied the next banking day.

What if I made a payment before my due date but it was not credited to my account?

Your loan account may not reflect your payment immediately but please be assured that it will be posted on your due date. If your payment still does not reflect on or after your loan's due date, kindly send us an email at eonquickloan@unionbankph.com so that we can address the issue.

What if I make a payment after my due date?

We encourage you to make loan payments on time so that you will not be charged additional penalties or fees. Payments made after your due date will have to cover any penalties or charges that may arise from late payment.

When is the due date for my payments?

Generally, you don’t have to worry about remembering when to pay as it is automatically debited from your account. But it’s good to know your schedule for better understanding and to avoid surprises. Your due date schedule is 1 month from the time of your approved application.

When will my payments be debited?

Payment will be debited once a month from your account. This usually happens on your loan's due date.

I’ve taken a loan before using my invite code. I didn’t use my maximum available loan amount. Can I still loan the remaining amount?

You may apply for a new loan once your current EON Quick Loan has been completely paid. If you are interested in taking another loan, you may wait for an SMS and email informing you of your eligibility for the next period.

My invite code isn’t working! What should I do?

Kindly take a screenshot of the error and send it to eonquickloan@unionbankph.com. Please include the following details: • Invite code • Account Name • Mobile Number • Screenshot of error It’s possible that the code you are inputting has already expired. Kindly check the validity period from the SMS message/email you received the code from.

The details I’m entering aren’t being accepted. What should I do?

Kindly try re-entering your information. Please make sure to check your formatting to avoid errors. If problems persist, please reach out to eonquickloan@unionbankph.com