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EON Prepaid Account Terms of Use

You are one step closer to an exciting digital banking experience through your new EON Account. We would love to get you onboard now, so please make sure you have carefully read, understood, and agree with these Terms of Use (the “Terms”). As used in these Terms, “We”, “Our”, “Us”, “Bank” or “UnionBank” refers to UnionBank of the Philippines. By clicking “I Agree”, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by these Terms.

Unless specified otherwise, these Terms apply to all types of EON Prepaid Accounts. The EON Cyber Account is governed by the UnionBank Deposit Account Terms & Conditions. These Terms are subject to the applicable rules and regulations now existing and future laws, rules, and regulations of the Philippines relating to the opening and maintenance of prepaid accounts.

Your EON Prepaid Account (“Account” or "EON Account").An EON Prepaid Account refers to an electronic account under your name which you have consented to the opening of and are maintaining with UnionBank of the Philippines (“UnionBank”, “Bank”, “We”, “Our” or “Us”). Your EON Account is not a deposit account, does not earn interest and you will need to fund in through the cash-in methods available to you, before you can use it to purchase a product or pay for a service. Your EON Account comes with an EON Card bearing the name and marks of UnionBank and you can use this Card for Point-of-Sale (POS) and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) transactions and is generally accepted in all VISA and BancNet accredited merchants worldwide. You can get your EON Card (“Card”) when you receive an EON Card Kit from our Partners or Partner Outlets. To know who our Partner Outlets are, please go to www.eonbankph.com.

Make sure to sign your Card and activate it by registering through the EON Channels. EON Channels shall refer to the EON website and/or EON mobile app (“EON App”) owned and developed by UnionBank and used by our customers like you. During registration/account opening, we will be asking you to provide us your full name, contact information, and other identification details that will help Us get to know you better and enable Us to better secure your Account.

You shall ensure and certify that the information you provide as required by UnionBank is valid, true, correct, and complete and you agree to immediately and/or periodically update the same should there be any change, mistake, or should they become inaccurate. You fully understand and agree that any and all information provided to the Bank may be used by UnionBank to provide the service or product you applied for or agreed to obtain from Us. You fully understand that the contact information you have provided shall be used for all correspondences between us, unless We receive written notification of any change on said contact and/or other personal information so please inform the Bank immediately of any contact detail changes.

Acceptance of your registration is at the sole discretion of the Bank as dictated by and subject to Our policies, processes, laws, or regulations. The Bank shall not be responsible for any failure in the registration process, and the Bank reserves the right to decline any applicant who fails to comply with Bank requirements if, in the Bank’s sole determination, the applicant availing of an EON Account would expose the Bank to any risks. You agree to hold the Bank free and harmless from any and all costs, liabilities or damages which you may suffer resulting from the Bank’s exercise of this discretion.

Once your Card is activated, you will have an EON Starter Account with a maximum monthly cash-in limit of Five Thousand Pesos (Php5,000.00).

Your EON Account can be upgraded to other levels of EON Accounts using the EON Channels. When you request to be upgraded, you allow Us to validate the information you have submitted to Us and subject it to verification via our accredited partner agencies. We have the right to approve or decline your request to upgrade your EON Account based on the results of our verification and provided you have complied with the requirements for such requested upgrade.

You may request another upgrade six (6) months from the date of your last upgrade request. All EON Accounts are subject to these Terms.

EON Account types have different limits and features, and higher EON Account levels have additional features. To learn more about the different EON Accounts, their features, limits, and how each one works, please visit https://www.eonbankph.com/accounts/comparison_chart.

We reserve the right to change these limits and features subject to sixty (60) days prior notification to you either personally, by mail or through the Bank’s electronic channels and you agree to frequently check Our website for any changes thereto.

All EON Cards shall remain the property of UnionBank and must be surrendered upon demand. It is non-transferable, cannot be lent, pledged, or charged as security for any reason. The Bank, through any of its authorized officer, employee, or agent has the right to retain the Card, require you to return the Card or suspend the use of the Card, or any its functionalities and other related services at any time in its sole and absolute discretion without need of justification and the Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damages suffered by the Cardholder as a result thereof.

Your Personal Identification Number (PIN). We will give you a 6-digit PIN (Personal Identification Number) that you will need to avail yourself of the features of your EON Card. For security purposes, please change the default PIN as soon as possible. You can do so by visiting a UnionBank ATM nearest you. Please keep your 6-digit PIN confidential and DO NOT share it with anyone as it will also serve as your PIN for your card transactions.

Only you should know your PIN. You are responsible for keeping it safe for all transactions and inquiries made using your EON Account. Any transaction made using your PIN is conclusively presumed to have been made by you. You agree to hold UnionBank free and harmless from all losses, damages, or liabilities you may suffer as a result of the use of your PIN.

Using your EON Card.Depending on the features and limits of your EON Account, you may use your EON Card to buy goods or pay for services wherever the Card is accepted. You may also withdraw cash from any BancNet or ATM. You may use your EON Card as long as the balance available is sufficient for the transaction being made.

We would like you to use your EON Card a lot but for security reasons, you agree that We have the right to limit the amount or number of transactions you can make and decline transactions which can possibly be unauthorized. We cannot guarantee that your EON Card will always be honored by all merchants, so please be prepared to use an alternative payment method to settle your purchases in such an eventuality. You agree to hold Us free and harmless from any claim for damages because of the failure of any MasterCard/Visa-affiliated merchant to honor your EON Card. We are also not responsible for any defective product or service you have bought through your EON Card.

Funding your EON Account. Fund your EON Account by cashing in through our available channels or any of our Partner Cash-In Outlets. Our list of Partner Cash-In Outlets is found at www.eonbankph.com, including the Cash-In fees, if any. You may also receive incoming funds from other UnionBank accounts. Some cash in channels may require pre-enrollment or security codes before allowing you to cash in.

Please make sure that you have not exceeded your maximum cash-in limit as defined by the level of your EON Account. If you have more than one (1) EON Account, please be reminded that the cash-in limits of all your EON accounts are subject to the cash-in limit of your EON Account with the highest level. The Bank may set minimum or maximum transaction limits as required by Partner Cash-In Outlets or as may be set under applicable laws. If you have several EON Accounts with Us, your maximum cash-in is the amount equivalent to the limit of your highest EON Account level.

Cash-Ins in the form of cash or fund transfer will only be made available in your Account after verification or after the settlement / clearing period under existing BSP / clearing house rules and regulations, and in accordance with the terms of Our agreement with the Partner / Partner Outlets. Once the Cash-In amount has been received / collected by the Bank, you will see it reflected in your Account. You authorize the Bank to charge back any spurious, defective, erroneous or lost item credited to the Account regardless of the time that has elapsed, whether the item itself can be returned. These chargebacks will also be reflected in your Account.

The Bank reserves the right to refuse to accept certain items for crediting to your Account or return all or part of the amount credited, at its sole discretion. The Bank shall not be responsible for resulting entries based on erroneous or illegible account numbers provided to Us, other banks or our Partners / Partner Outlets. If the Bank refuses to accept items for crediting, or accepts them conditionally, the Bank is not responsible for any consequences You may suffer therefrom. You hold the Bank free and harmless from liability for any credits / fund transfer / Cash-In made in violation of any law, rules or circulars.

Fund Transfers / Send Money.You may send money from your own Account/s to another UnionBank account or third-party accounts with other local banks and other remittance partners provided that: (1) there are sufficient funds available in your source Account; (2), the information provided are complete, correct and valid; and (3) the total amount of the transaction(s) do not exceed the allowable limits set by the Bank or you. You hereby agree that all fund transfers shall be subject to such transaction limits, cut-off periods, service fees, and other policies that may be imposed by the Bank and by the relevant electronic funds transfer service provider or network such as, but not limited to, InstaPay and PESONet. The Bank shall not be liable for any omission on your part to make all or any of the payments or for late payments made by you or due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the Bank. The Bank shall likewise not be liable for losses, costs or damages for failed or incorrect fund transfers resulting from errors or inaccurate information you provide Us with. You guarantee and warrant the validity and legality of the underlying transactions and payments you make every time you transfer funds or Send Money.

Withdrawals.Depending on your EON Account level, you may only withdraw an amount equivalent to your Account balance after deduction of applicable fees / charges. You are responsible for ensuring that your EON Account has sufficient balance for the amount you intend to withdraw after deduction of applicable fees / charges.

Paying bills.You can pay bills using your EON Account through any of our available channels as long as your balance is sufficient to cover the amount that you are paying. Once you have provided Us with the biller’s details, amount and other relevant information required, this is binding on you, and We will process your bill payment based on your instructions. You are responsible for paying your bills on time and in making sure that the details of the recipient and payment amount are correct. We are not liable to you or your biller in case you paid late, made a mistake, or provided Us with incomplete details in the amount, payee details or if the payment does not push through for whatever reason including but not limited to insufficiency of the funds in your EON Account. You hold us free and harmless for all costs, damages, or liabilities that may be caused to you or your biller arising from Our reliance on your instructions. In the event of errors, breakdown or failure of third-party systems which the Bank is connected to or used by the Bank to electronically transfer funds, We will comply with your fund transfer instruction as soon as the third-party system has been restored.

Buy Load.You may buy Telecom Load (GLOBE, SMART, and SUN networks) and top up from your enrolled Account to: (1) your own mobile number/account; and (2) other user-identified mobile numbers/other accounts. You may also top up your gaming accounts by buying Gaming Load from your enrolled Account by entering your account details and amount to transfer. There is no enrolment of mobile numbers/accounts required for this service. The denominations available for each Telecom Load and/or Gaming Load are subject to their availability with the electronic load vendor. Your Account shall be debited for your load purchase and applicable fees, if any, the same day as you buy load / make a top up request. You understand that all Buy Load & Top Up transactions are subject to the availability and reliability of your telecommunication network connection, the electronic load vendor’s receipt of transaction request and load denomination availability.

Refunds or Cancellation of Transactions. If your purchase transaction is cancelled or if, resulting from your discussions with a merchant your EON Account is due for a refund (that is, the merchant has approved the refund or cancellation request), the amount that the Bank shall credit back to your EON Account is based on the received credit memo or credit instructions from the merchant or remitting bank. Requests for refund are initiated by you or the merchant and may take up to Forty Five (45) banking days to complete. You agree that the Bank is not liable for any loss or liability caused to you or any party because of the cancellation or refund, or any delay in its crediting that is not attributable to the gross negligence or fault of the Bank.

Renewing or replacing your EON Card.Your EON Card is valid from the date of its issuance or renewal up to the last day of the month indicated in front of the card (“Expiry Date”). If your Card is captured and can no longer be claimed from the ATM, or in case you are unable to use it due to expiry, unintended damage, or defect, just buy another EON Card Kit, and link the EON Card to your EON Account through our available channels. Fee paid to the Partner Outlet will be credited back to you if you replaced your Card due to expiry.

Reporting your lost EON Card. You are responsible for your EON Card. If it is lost or stolen, please lock it immediately via the lock and unlock feature available in EON Channels, and immediately report this to EON Customer Support, the details of which are found below. Your failure to do both (locking and reporting) shall result in all charges being considered binding on you and on your account.

Monitoring your transactions.Keep track of transactions through our available EON Channels. All transactions recorded in your Account shall be considered correct and authorized by you. If you find any discrepancies, please report it immediately to EON Customer Support. We will consider your transactions valid if We do not hear from you within thirty (30) calendar days from transaction date.

For any disputed transactions, please reach out to the merchant. You may also contact EON Customer Support, of which the details are provided below. Please be ready with the details of your transaction when you contact Us.

The Bank will exert its best efforts to determine whether an error occurred within a period of 90 calendar days and investigate the complaint or question from the time you informed us of the disputed transaction. Third parties, such as Visa or ATM networks, may charge the Bank an administrative fee for investigating such disputes, in which case, you shall be liable to reimburse the Bank for such administrative costs and expenses incurred. The Bank’s records shall be conclusive of the amount of the Cash-In / fund transfer for credit to your Account(s). You agree that in cases of conflict between your records and Ours, the Bank’s records shall at all times prevail.

Transaction fees and limits. We will charge you for some transactions using your EON Account, such as Local and International ATM Withdrawals, Cash-In, Annual Fees, among others. The details of said fees are found in https://www.eonbankph.com/accounts/full_details

You agree to pay the charges that may be imposed by the Bank when availing yourself of EON Services and using EON Channels including the standard SMS (Short Message Service) and call rates that will apply and imposed by your telco provider. For Bank charges, you authorize Us to deduct these directly from your Account balance as these are incurred. You have the obligation to keep updating yourself of these fees and charges and We will also notify you of any changes thereon atleast sixty (60) days prior to effectivity. Your use of your EON Account or the EON Channels shall be equivalent to your acceptance of said terms, fees, and charges once these have become effective.

  1. You are also responsible for paying all taxes due or may be imposed from your use of the EON Account and channels. You authorize the Bank to automatically charge or debit your Account for all such taxes due and required to be withheld by the Bank.
  2. We reserve the right to change the charges, fees, or other terms described in these Terms and Conditions and as made available to you as indicated above. When changes are made and/or fees, charges, or other material terms are added we will update these Terms and Conditions, and either send a notice to you at the address shown on our records or send you an email.
  3. You agree that the Bank has the right to debit your Account for any amount previously credited, if uncollected, or if such crediting is erroneous.
  4. You agree to be responsible to check the EON Channels from time to time, for any updates to these Terms and Conditions and you further agree that your continued use of the EON App after any of the changes to the Terms and Conditions take effect will constitute your consent and adherence to such changes.
  5. As always, you may choose to decline changes by discontinuing the Accounts or services to which these changes relate but charges already incurred shall remain due from and payable by you. We also reserve the option, in Our business judgment, to waive, reduce or reverse charges or fees for individual situations.

You acknowledge that there may be parties other than UnionBank, including third-party ATM operators and other third parties, that may subsequently have a role in the provision of the EON Account, EON Card, or services related to its use and thus may impose other fees for the use of the EON Account/Card or services related to it. Such fees will be disclosed by the party charging it at the time the services are used, and you authorize the Bank to deduct such fees from the Card. Unless UnionBank has waived said amount, UnionBank shall charge a fee to the Cardholder in respect of each cash withdrawal made using the Card for which a charge is made by Visa or BancNet in accordance with UnionBank's schedule of fees from time to time then in force.

Deactivating and Terminating your EON Account.Your EON Account may be deactivated or terminated either by Us or you. You can stop using your EON Account at any time. You may submit a written request to Us through EON Customer Support if you no longer wish to use your EON Account.

You agree that We have the right to close your Account(s) and/or deactivate Cards in the following instances and We will notify you prior to such suspension or closure:

  1. If the Account has insufficient funds to pay for any charges or fees that the Bank may impose from time to time;
  2. If the Account exceeds the allowable limits depending on the EON Account level;

In the event We discover that an Account is fictitious, contains misrepresentations or falsities, or should you fail to provide any information despite repeated requests from Us, We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to immediately suspend or terminate your EON Account. We will notify you within such period prescribed by applicable law or regulation, of such suspension or termination using the contact information you provided Us with.

If We suspect that your EON Account has been compromised, or is in any way being used or suspected to be used for any fraudulent, criminal, or unlawful activities or transactions, for your protection, We will immediately suspend, terminate or cancel your EON Account and provide you with written notice by electronic means such as electronic mail and short messaging services, or such other methods of communication which the Bank may deem suitable, at least seven (7) business days after. The same rule applies if in Our perception, the Account exposes the Bank to any kind of risk such as but not limited to financial, operational, legal, reputational, regulatory or other risks, or if there exists circumstances that warrant termination or closure of the Account such as but not limited to you failing to abide by these Terms of Use.

You agree to hold Us free and harmless from any and all liabilities, claims and demands of whatever kind or nature arising from the closure of your Account if done by You, or if such deactivation of your Card is due to your acts or omissions as set forth in these Terms of Use. The Bank wil not be liable in the absence of fault, gross negligence or willful misconduct directly and exclusively attributable to Us. You also agree to hold Us free and harmless should we report the Account closure and the reasons therefor to BSP, Bankers Association of the Philippines (BAP (Bankers Association of the Philippines)), or any other central monitoring entity or bureau established by the BAP or BSP as mandated by relevant laws, rules or regulations.

Protecting your EON Account.We apply security measures that protect your EON Account from unauthorized use and fraudulent transactions. However, We will not be able to control instances where you have compromised the security of your EON Account by sharing sensitive data such as your Account details and Card information to anyone or have performed acts that enabled others to gain access to such data.

Please make sure to keep your EON Account and Card information private and strictly confidential. DO NOT share this with anyone else including other person/s, groups, institutions, or websites. We are not responsible for any losses, damages, penalties and liabilities of any kind incurred by You or any third-party because you have shared Your information, unless the damage, loss, or liability has been conclusively proven and adjudged with finality by the appropriate court to have been solely and directly caused by Our gross negligence or fault.

  1. In case your EON Card is lost, stolen, or you suspect that your EON Account has been compromised you agree to immediately notify Us through Our Customer Channels as found in these Terms. Until We receive notification from you, any transaction effected on your EON Account using the PIN, the Card and/or the EON App shall be conclusively presumed to have been made by or authorized by you. You will only be absolved from financial liability incurred from any unauthorized or fraudulent transaction arising from the use of the Card if the loss, theft, or the fact that the Card was compromised was previously reported to Us and We are not liable for any loss or damage to you arising from transactions generated by the use of the lost/stolen/compromised Card prior to Our receipt of your notification / report.
  2. Upon receipt of your notification / report that your EON Card is lost, stolen or compromised, We will conduct an investigation. You agree to provide Us with all information We need, and consent to the use, processing and if necessary, to sharing the information you provide with third parties, to enable Us to expediently address your concern.
  3. Within three (3) banking days from the conclusion of the investigation, We will inform You of the result of the said Investigation.

Personal Information and Data Sharing.You agree that by signing this document, your application, maintenance, or continued use of any of the Bank’s products and services shall be your acceptance and agreement to be bound by the provisions of the Bank’s Data Privacy Statement (DPS) found at https://www.unionbankph.com/privacy-security.

You agree to authorize the Bank to collect, use, and share Personal Data (as defined under the Data Privacy Law of 2012 and its implementing rules and regulations), customer data, and account or transaction information or records (collectively, the “Information”) provided, and where permitted by law, to share it with: (i) Aboitiz and Company Inc.; (ii) Aboitiz Equity Ventures; and (iii) the Bank, including their respective subsidiaries and affiliates (collectively, the “Aboitiz Group”) for cross-selling and for the following purposes: (a) purposes as set out in the DPS in force; (b) to identify and inform you of products and services provided by the Aboitiz Group that may be of interest to you; (c) for compliance to any law, regulations, government requirement, treaty, agreement, policy or as required by or for the purpose of any court legal process, examination, inquiry, audit, or investigation of any authority. This applies notwithstanding any non-disclosure agreement.

Limits of Our Liability.Your acceptance of these Terms of Use and/or Your continued use of Your EON Account means that You agree that, except in instances where there is fraud, bad faith, gross negligence or willful misconduct on Our part, We are not liable for any loss or damage suffered by You or any third-party as a consequence of:

  1. Your use or misuse of the EON Account, EON Card, or EON Channels;
  2. Any fraud or misrepresentation on your submissions or reports to Us whether or not We relied on such misrepresentation;
  3. Incomplete, inaccurate, incorrect information You provide Us;
  4. Your transactions;
  5. The effect of the provisions of Republic Act No. 1405 or the Bank Secrecy Law, as amended; applicable provisions of the General Banking Act and pertinent laws or regulations related to said law or these Terms of Use;
  6. Insufficient funding of your EON Account;
  7. Bad faith, fraud or misrepresentation on Your part or on the part of any third party;

We are committed to providing you with reliable EON services, and We proactively partner with trusted third-party systems. Even with the best precautions, technical hiccups in external systems can occasionally happen. In such situations, We prioritize open communication and work diligently to resolve issues quickly. While our liability is limited to intentional misconduct on Our part, we are always here to assist and collaborate if you experience any difficulties due to external system errors.

We are not liable for any failure to provide any service or to perform any obligation, or for any loss, damage, injury or claim of whatever nature that You may suffer in connection with the use of the Bank’s systems, due to any fortuitous event, typhoons, floods, public disturbances, pandemics and calamities or any act or circumstance beyond Our control, such as but not limited to:

  1. Prolonged power outages, breakdown in computers and communication facilities, and other similar cases;
  2. Inaccurate, incomplete, or delayed information received by you due to disruption or failure of any communication device.

Compliance with existing laws. Your EON Account is a duly authorized electronic money product as per Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Circular 649 and is covered by the Anti-Money Laundering Law. It may only be redeemed at face value, does not earn interest nor rewards and other similar incentives convertible to cash, nor be purchased at a discount. It is not considered a deposit account and is not insured with the PDIC (Philippine Deposit Insurance Corporation). You agree to follow these laws when you use your EON Account. If you misuse your EON Account and violate the rules applicable to it, you agree that We have the right to suspend or terminate your account.

Amendment.The Bank may amend or change the provisions in these Terms at any time. You will be notified of any change to these Terms through UnionBank channels which the Bank, at its option, considers appropriate and effective, such as but not limited to the Bank’s website, electronic channels such as electronic mail, short messaging service or through Our online platforms. The amendments will take effect on the effectivity date stated in the notice We send to you, which shall in no case be less than sixty (60) days from the time the notification was sent. Your continued use of your EON Account shall constitute your acceptance of such amendments, revisions or additions, without prejudice to your right to terminate in accordance with these Terms.


Your needs and feedback are important to Us and if you have any questions or concerns, you may reach us through any of Our channels below. For our social media channels, a representative will get back to you within 48 hours from the time we receive your question or concern.

In the event that your concern requires an investigation, you agree to provide Us with all information We need, and consent to the use and processing of the information you provide, to enable Us to expediently address your query. You also allow the Bank to disclose information you may have provided to third parties, if necessary to address your concern

If You are not satisfied with Our handling of Your complaints, inquiries or requests, You may escalate Your concerns with the Bangko Sentral Consumer Assistance Mechanism (CAM). Reporting the concern with the Bank’s FCPAM is a condition precedent to the filing of a complaint to initiate the Bangko Sentral CAM.


The Bank may, from time to time, introduce new banking features and services. We will inform you of these new features and services. The terms in this EON App Agreement automatically apply to your use of these new features and services in addition to the specific terms and conditions that will be made available to you concerning these features and services.

The Bank does not guarantee the continuous availability of all banking services mentioned in this Agreement. The Bank reserves the right to terminate or suspend, in its sole discretion, any of the services and features in the App.


The EON App is owned and developed by the Bank including all its components and contents. You may not reproduce, disassemble, reverse engineer, translate, decompile, decode, modify or create derivative works from or exploit the EON App and its components, publish, transmit distribute, display or modify its contents in any way, in whole or in part, any of its contents or related software. All worldwide rights, titles and interests in the EON App and the Eon App Services including their respective components and contents, belong to the Bank.

  1. You agree that the Bank, at its discretion and without prior notice to you, may assign or otherwise transfer part or all of its rights or obligations here or under any transaction. In the event of such assignment, you irrevocably agree not to assert against the assignee any set-off rights of any obligation that may be owed by the Bank to you. You may not assign your rights and obligations under these Terms of Use without the Bank’s prior written consent.
  2. Should the Bank become involved in any litigation which may have relation with this EON App Agreement, or with any of the rights, powers, and remedies hereunder, all fees and expenses incurred by the Bank in such a litigation, including a reasonable amount for the attorney's fees which amount is hereby agreed to be at the rate of 10% of the sum sought, shall be paid by the you.
  3. This EON Terms of Use is governed by the rules and regulations of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and applicable laws of the Philippines relating to the covered transactions herein. It shall be understood that access to and use of the EON App shall be subject to applicable requirements and procedures of government telecommunications or other regulatory authorities and those prescribed by law.
  4. The venue of all legal actions or proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be brought only in the proper courts of Pasig City to the exclusion of all other venues.

By clicking “I Agree”, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and fully agree with these Terms:

  1. This Terms of Use and any other documents to be delivered in connection with this may be electronically signed.
  2. Any electronic signatures appearing herein or any documents related are admissible in the same manner as handwritten signatures.
  3. You consent to the use of an electronic form of recording and storing this Terms of Use, and agree that said Terms in electronic form, along with any electronic signatures appearing on them, are binding and enforceable against You.

Union Bank of the Philippines is an entity regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.